Clay jewelry has been gaining popularity in recent years because it is seen as a less flashy way to accessorize. We live in the fashion age of subtle expressions of taste, which is why there has been a shift to the matte finish of certain metals, if metals are chosen. The advantage of clay is that you can achieve both matte finish and glossy finish using the same material and it will fit both the materialistic and the minimalistic tastes in jewelry. To make a polymer clay jewelry, you don’t need many ingredients, and an additional plus is that they are all relatively inexpensive. If you’re not sure what kind of jewelry you would like to make or whether you have enough patience to make it, here is a simple DIY guide on how to make a simple and yet trendy piece of jewelry.

Things you need:

  • Modeling clay – you can order it from Amazon or go to your local crafts store and they will help you choose the right clay. Choose any color you feel like choosing, there is no right answer here, the end product will be your own creation and interpretation of your personality.
  • X-ACTO knife – used specifically for precise cuts and shaping of the clay
  • Liquid gold paint
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Bamboo skewers

Once you have all the ingredients and tools ready, you can start the work! Prepare a clean surface where you will be rolling out the clay, as you don’t want to get dust or other particles on it. Start by rolling out a piece of clay into a longer shape, and you can adjust its thickness based on how thick you want the ring to be. After you rolled it out, wrap it around your finger to make sure you make it into the right size. Once you have completed this step, you can start shaping the ring.


The imagination is your limit at the next steps, and you can shape your ring to be edgier or softer, it all depends on your taste. Take the X-ACTO knife and start shaping the ring by cutting off or smoothing the edges. Once you have reached the desirable shape, transfer the ring to the oven. Now, different types of clay require different temperatures when baking. Simply follow the instructions on the box.

After the ring has been baked and cooled off enough for you to be able to pick it up, you can continue on to the pre-final step. Take the liquid gold pain and gently apply it onto the ring with the small paintbrush. The gold paint once dried out will give your ring a metallic kind of look. You can also choose another liquid paint based on your taste. The beauty is that you can apply as much or as little paint as you want. Once painted, gently put the ring on the bamboo skewers in a dry place. Let the ring dry out and you can start wearing your handmade ring made out of polymer clay.