When we buy any kind of jewelry whether it is an engagement ring, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, they are all pretty and flawless. However, as we wear them on a daily basis, the jewelry is exposed to a variety of things: water, air, and our skin. In order to prevent jewelry from losing its beauty and make it look like new for as long as possible, here are some tips on how you can take care of your jewelry.

1. Keep it simple

Do not buy into different ads about super cleaners made specifically for your jewelry. You don’t really know what are the chemicals in those solutions and your jewelry will react with them. Keep it simple by using warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Of course, when cleaning a delicate bracelet do not rub it with the toothbrush with all your strength, as it still might cause damage. Use a soft toothbrush and after you are finished cleaning use a paper towel to remove any moisture.

2. Keep it in a special box

Keeping jewelry in a special case or a box eliminates the risk of losing it or accidentally causing damage. When placing the jewelry in the box, make sure the various pieces own are stored separately as they might get scratched accidentally against each other. To avoid that risk you can either buy a jewelry case on Etsy or you can make it yourself.

Keep it in a special box
Keep it in a special box

3. Put on the jewelry last, and take it off first

When you are preparing for work or for a birthday party, make sure you put your jewelry on last. Dressing up can take up some time, so all of the oils, perfumes, and even water can damage your jewelry without you noticing it. Make sure that rings or earrings go last in your finishing touches. Once you are back home, take off the jewelry first and then carry on with your evening.

4. Do not sleep in your jewelry

Surprisingly enough some wear jewelry when sleeping, and usually, those are wedding or engagement rings. Avoid sleeping with your jewelry on. First, it might cause scratches and it is uncomfortable. Second, it might cause damage to you. If you fall asleep with earrings on, they might end up inside your ear by the end of the night, and that would be a tough morning for you. If you are sleeping with your necklace on you might damage its lock during your sleep. It is best to keep yourself safe and your jewelry clean and undamaged.

5. Drains!

Yes, as silly as it sounds, be careful when taking off your rings, necklaces, or earrings over the sink or a drain. You might think you are being careful and it’s not slippery enough for the ring to slip inside the open drain, but you are wrong. Accidents happen, and you would not want to be upset all evening because you lost your late grandmother’s ring in the sink at your office. Be careful!