Bold patterns, zany shapes and bright colours are some of the things that might first spring to mind when you think of ceramic jewellery. And if that’s your style, then brilliant – but what if you prefer a soft, understated approach to your wearables, yet still want to invest in ceramic pieces?

Well, the good news is that ceramic jewellery is making something of a comeback at the moment, and that means that there is a designer to suit every taste. Whether you want your jewellery to say, “look at me!” or would rather it subtly complement your outfit, you are guaranteed to find something suitable at the moment. And it needn’t cost the earth either.

So, let’s delve deeper into the many positives of wearing ceramics, and where you can find that perfect piece for just the right price.

Benefits of Wearing Ceramics

First of all, what is it that we mean when we say ‘ceramic’? Well, most of the time the word ceramic refers to something made from clay, porcelain or a similar substance like stoneware or earthenware. In the jewellery world, most ceramics are made from clay. This is because it’s easy to work with and mould into all sorts of different shapes, before firing in an oven or kiln. Creators can really let their imagination run wild with this mouldable, workable material, pushing the design envelope further each time. Once the jewellery is complete, it’s pleasant to wear as it feels smooth and cool against the skin and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, unlike some metals commonly used in jewellery making. Ceramic is also very durable and resistant to damage from water, heat, air and rough handling, whilst remaining very lightweight. Therefore, with minimal care, your ceramic jewellery should survive for as long as you continue to enjoy wearing it – which could potentially be a very long time!

Where to Find the Best Ceramic Jewellery

The internet has become a vital resource for most of us over the past couple of decades. We use it to work, to communicate, to play, to access knowledge and entertainment and, of course, to shop! So, it will come as no surprise that there are plenty of online marketplaces where you can purchase unique, high quality ceramic jewellery. Just as you’d access platforms like Netflix for the latest TV and film releases, or PokerStars Casino for all your favourite tables games, shopping platforms like Etsy, Shopify, NotOnTheHighStreet and Big Cartel host some of the best small jewellery businesses on the internet. These are great places to look for one-off or personalised pieces as, oftentimes, you can contact the maker directly and negotiate any special requests or adjustments. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are also the perfect place to find ceramic jewellery makers with individual designs and the added ability to collaborate with you, the customer. Reaching out to the designer or maker directly can add an extra layer of exclusivity to your shopping experience.

However, if you’re looking for more of a quick fix option rather than getting involved with an individual creator, there are also plenty of high street options. Trendy shops like Oliver Bonas, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters have picked up on the ceramics trend and run with it. They offer everything from bold statement necklaces that can jazz up any boring workwear, to delicate earrings that offset a more sophisticated style. The best thing about this option is that you can simply walk in off the street, pick them up, pay and then the transaction is complete. Although you won’t benefit from the individuality of working with a creator, this is a much quicker, cheaper and easier way to incorporate ceramic jewellery into your wardrobe. Many of these shops do now collaborate with independent designers as well, so it could be a good way of having the best of both worlds. And who doesn’t love to have their cake and eat it too?

Now, if you’re looking for something really special, perhaps to buy as a gift for a loved one or for yourself, then there are luxury jewellery merchants selling beautiful, premium quality ceramics right now. Names such as Wolf & Badger, Bulgari and Net-A-Porter should come top of the list on your search for the perfect piece. Although you will have to shell out considerably more cash for these exquisite ceramic ‘jewels’, it’s definitely worth it. Vivid colours, smooth shapes and classic designs dominate this sphere of the ceramic world. Basically, these designers manage to take something exceedingly simple and make it look incredibly expensive. However, as with most ceramic designs, they maintain a sense of fun and whimsy too. Perfectly formed little strawberry earrings, hand painted designs and tiny animals make up some of the most notable pieces.